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Ikamaperu team facing trafficking

It is the culmination of a long process of dialogue,enquiries trails and tenacity with indifferent authorities which allowed numerous confiscations of animals but also the convening of a dozen major hunters and traffickers before the judge for crime prevention.

Congratulations to the Peruvian team, and ecovolunteers of Ikamaperu for their courage, determination and solidarity.

The impact was significant to the local population While some have given two woolly monkey babies the others had to go into the judge’s office and now all of them know they incur penalties for repeat offenders.

Ikamaperu plans to strengthen its action against trafficking through meetings with representatives of wildlife department in 13 villages along the river between Yurimaguas and Lagunas. Local people are regularly asked to provide woolly and spider monkeys by killing the mothersas well as picking out from their nests baby macaws and parrots .

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