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Who truly fights against wildlife trafficking in Peru?

A long process of awareness was necessary and sometimes very firm awareness to successfully oblige authorities to stop inertia and even complicity with hunters and traffickers of Lagunas.

The first to respond effectively: Marina del Peru that controls navigation along the Huallaga River though fighting against wildlife trafficking is not within its jurisdiction. The first take was quick and Ikamaperu had to receive in emergency 200 parrots, 2 baby spider monkeys capuchins and kinkajou.

For all these animals veterinary care and feeding are a heavy burden considering the drastic reduction of aid in the last year Ikamaperu refuses to host for over a year now no additional primate in the rehabilitation center which account 70 already.

Despite these difficulties it is our duty to fight against a growing traffic that is unfolding before our eyes. Some speak of a drop in the sea but forget the impact of these actions on the local population and also on the lives of these animals. At the moment a question arises who truly fights against wildlife trafficking in Peru?

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